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Subordinate And Main Clause Worksheet

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Subordinate And Main Clause Worksheet. Main clause and subordinate clause worksheet for class 7 1. _____ 3) the old tree swayed in the.

Subordinate Clause Worksheet —
Subordinate Clause Worksheet — from db-excel.com

This worksheet is divided into four sections, with 16 questions in total. Some of the worksheets for this concept are the subordinate clause, the subordinate clause, question, grammar work, independent and subordinate clauses 1, independent and subordinate clauses, main and subordinate clauses section a, year 5 homework adding clauses. When i was at the aquarium last year, i saw a purple, striped jellyfish.

2) After She Picks Me Up, Mum Is Taking Me To Buy Shoes.

Subordinate clause worksheet for classes 7 and 8. How can this worksheet help teach main and subordinate clauses? Look at the following sentences.

Main And Subordinate Clauses Section A:

Because you are mine, i walk the line. Do you know where he lives? Identify the subordinate clause in the following sentences.

As He Was Ill, He Didn’t Go To School.

If the underlined part of the sentence is an independent clause, write ind in the blank. Main, subordinate and relative clauses match the clauses with their definitions. The main clause is a sentence that will make sense all on its own.

Subordinating Conjunctions Are Used To Create Complex Sentences Out Of A Main Clause And A Dependent Clause.

The river water passes through a filter (main clause) before it is piped to homes (subordinate clause). If it is a subordinate clause, write sub in the blank. Main clause and subordinate clausecomplex sentences with subordinating conjunctions.

Label Them M For Main Clause Or S For Subordinate Clause.

The main clause makes sense on its own. Students should notice that commas are only used between the clauses when the conjunction is at the start of the. This worksheet is divided into four sections, with 16 questions in total.