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Soul Eater Main Characters. He is a laid back and nonchalant boy who tries to maintain a cool attitude, which he compares to the situations he is in. Death the kid, maka albarn, and black star.

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His care for symmetry is so intense. Asura (soul eater) arachne gorgon. Soul eater & 9 other shonen anime with great female protagonists.

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Blairs Here Too, But That’s A Different Story.

Characters in which play the role of being against the main protagonists within both soul eater and soul eater not!. His real name is soul evans. List of soul eater video games.

His Care For Symmetry Is So Intense.

Maka albarn, her scythe partner soul eater, the assassin black star, and his partner tsubaki nakatsukasa are among those attending this school run by shinigami. This means that the start of the show encompasses the first handful of episodes— up to episode seven when crona. This includes character whom are forced to be antagonists and/or characters who were on the side of the protagonist and turned into an antagonist.

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'soul eater' is set in a school called death weapon meister. All characters in the manga soul eater. He is a laid back and nonchalant boy who tries to maintain a cool attitude, which he compares to the situations he is in.

The Soul Eater Manga And Anime Series Features An Extensive Cast Of Fictional Characters Created By Atsushi Ōkubo.it Is Set In A Fictional Universe Inhabited By Various Characters Capable Of Using Supernatural Powers By Channeling The Wavelengths Of Their Souls.most Of The Characters In The Series, Including The Main Protagonists, Are Classified Into Two Groups:

The characters ages aren't said out right but are slightly hinted at. Soul eater evans or just 'soul' to his friends is the male protagonist of the manga/anime series soul eater and maka albarn's partner. Soul eater follows these students of shibusen as they take on missions to collect souls and protect the city from the world's threats while working together under the snickering sun to become.

List Of Soul Eater Characters Protagonists.

Created to maintain peace, the academy trains meisters and demon weapons—people who take on the form of a weapon—to defend humanity against evil. Medusa gorgon is a powerful witch, scientist, and one of the three gorgon sisters. He is voiced by kōki uchiyama in the japanese version of the anime.