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Persona 3 Main Character Name

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Persona 3 Main Character Name. Protagonist (persona 3) mitsuru kirijo. No minor arcana or world arcana personas appear in persona 3 with their starting level.

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Yu narukami is now considered the canon name in this case. Male protagonist female protagonist (persona 3 portable) yukari takeba junpei iori mitsuru kirijo akihiko sanada fuuka yamagishi aigis koromaru ken amada shinjiro aragaki. Special extracurricular activity department), or sees for short, is officially a school group of gekkoukan high school.

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In The Persona 3 Movie And The Upcoming 3Ds Game Persona Q:

Yu narukami is now considered the canon name in this case. List of persona 3 characters. In the original english release, revelations:

She Is An Orphan Whose Parents Died On The Moonlight Bridge In Their Car During A Fatal Incident A Decade Prior To The Game.

In the persona 3 games (especially the updates), messiah demonstrates incredible strength. Voiced by karen strassman and 1 other. Green text refers to the protagonist's first persona, orpheus, as well the various personas his party members have or can obtain as an ultimate persona.

He Is Only Referred To As The The Pierced Boy In Megami Ibunroku Persona, The Japanese Version, And The Boy With Earring In Persona 2:

The protagonist is the main player character in. Atlus originally released the game for the playstation 2 in japan in july 2006; In persona 3 portable, the second remake of persona 3, it is possible to choose the sex of the main character.the primary focus of the storyline for the female protagonist is mostly the same as that of the original male protagonist of persona 3 (also playable in the portable version), though specific events in the story and in social links are altered in sometimes significant.

Makoto Yuki (Named Minato Arisato In The Manga) Is The Protagonist And Player Character Of The Ps2 Video Game Persona 3 And The Psp Adaption Persona 3 Portable.

Not changing this sig until disney surprises us with: Voiced by liam o'brien and 1 other. And it makes the most sense due to story.

The Player May Name Him Freely At The Start Of The Game, Although In The Manga Adaptation, He Is Given The Name Minato Arisato.

The protagonist's response is a. Voiced by grant george and 1 other. The emperor's new groove (or force) or capcom releases mm legends 3 which is just as likely.